Some of Our Services

Here are some of the steps we will take to help you sell your home or find the dream one:

1. Determine your needs and wants [Buying]
By determining exactly what you are looking for in a home, we will be able to glide through the home buying process. This will allow us to be more efficient by only searching for properties that fit your criteria.

2. Helping you get pre-qualified financing - Mortgage [Buying]
This is another crucial step in the home buying process. I will assist you in getting a pre-qualified mortgage. This is important as it shows how much you can afford, and what your estimated monthly payments will be. As well, it shows your seriousness which will give you an edge when making an offer to a seller.

3. Home Shopping [Buying]
I will use every method and resource available to me to help you find the home of your dreams. Using your specific criteria and parameters, we will be able to narrow down the search and gather other important information that may affect your decision. Once you are ready to move forward, I will help you write an offer to the seller, keeping your best interests in mind.

4. Home Staging [Selling]
When you list with our team, you will receive a full home-staging package absolutely free in order to improve the ROI of each showing thus increasing the interest in your property which would directly link to more bidding for your home from potential buyers!


Home Staging Service BEFORE







Home Staging Service AFTER









5. Professional Photo and Virtual Tour [Selling]

We are always using qualified and professional photographer for this important job. A better image of the house will definitely increase the viewing on the internet and through our flyer and Ad campaign. 

6. Our Lawyers [Buying] [Selling]

Our lawyers provide good and smooth transaction service for our qualified clients. Fair deal transaction fee, No hidden fee.

7. Our Moving Company [Buying] [Selling]

After buying or selling, if you want your furniture and appliances well protected and transported to another house, you need a good moving company which can take care of everything, and give you a headache free experience of moving. 

8. Our Home Inspector [Buying] [Selling]

For both home sellers and buyers, a detail inspection report not only gives home buyers a good understand of the house they purchase, it also provides home sellers a better way to present the house and negotiate for a better price.